Structured Cabling

Installations range from a single network drop, to new build installations to complete building rewiring. For industrial and manufacturing facilities we can design, build, and install a reliable plant network to meet your current and future technology needs. Our skilled technicians will ensure the job is done safely, efficiently and to industry standards. Our certified solutions provide a 25-year warranty.


Fiber Optics

Building Access Control ​

Our access control systems are scalable from small to large businesses and can be set up to meet simple to complex building access requirements. Our control panels can integrate with intercoms, video, gates, elevators, automatic door operators and other building controls.

 With our AAADM certification we can install and maintain low energy door operators for doors and accessible washrooms.


Video surveillance solutions for security, health and safety, and general awareness of businesses and facilities. Our cameras can be viewed remotely with a PC or smartphone and with the use of video analytics you can be notified you of events. With the range of IP cameras on the market today we can provide a variety of specialty application cameras such as LPR (licence plate recognition), thermal imaging, thermal sensing and PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) to name a few. Design and installation of manufacturing and plant floor cameras. Cameras can be strategically placed on the plant floor and production lines to allow operators and management to view and monitor their entire process. Cameras can also be helpful for early detection of problems, reviewing footage or for training and safety purposes.


From traditional phones systems to VoIP systems and hosted solutions we can address your ever-changing SMP needs. Systems are scalable from 5 to 500+ users, with virtual users located anywhere in the world. SIP (VoIP) trunks will provide substantial savings and flexibility to your business phone lines allowing a business to move anywhere and bring current phone numbers with them.


With 35+ years experience in the industry, and a constant pulse on new technology – Brak Innovations Inc. provides tried and tested solutions with innovative and leading-edge awareness allowing our customers integrations options for components of their every day business and processes.